Places to Find Free Stock Photos for Your Blog

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A handful of sites for all of your stock photo dreams

Whether you're a beauty blogger or a design journalist, you're going to need stock photos at some point. For me, they come most useful when it's too late to take a photo (or you're too lazy) and the post needs to go up asap. Stock photos are pictures that you can use on your blog without tip-toeing around any licensed work, but only a handful are free. Here's a list of where I find my favourites.

This is where I get 95% of my stock photos from as I find the site so easy to navigate around. The different categories are great for browsing and again, all are amazingly high quality.

This is not a site that I take photos from personally as they're not my kinda thing, but I'm sure many of you will find some amazing photos on here! All photos are high quality.

DTTSF is different than the majority of other free stock photo libraries as it is not an online gallery, as such. You basically sign up to their subscription service and get sent free, non-spammy photos every month.

Here's another amazing website that is on my list of go-tos for finding a stock photo. Although the images on Unsplash tend to be more nature-related, you're bound to get use from them.

This is the newest addition to my list - an amazing place for gorgeous photos.

Where's your favourite place for finding stock photos?

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