New In: Wishbone Necklace from Astrid & Miyu

Thursday, May 21, 2015
The truth is, I'm just as big a lover of jewelry as I am everything else beauty-related, so when Jewel Street asked if I'd like to try a piece from the range by Astrid & Miyu, I couldn't turn it down. I chose this Wishbone Necklace* because I love the whole design & concept of the wishbone. Plus, it's meant to bring good luck. We could all use a little bit more luck now & then I think!

Overall I'm extremely happy with this and one of the things I love most about it is that the actual wishbone can be taken off and added onto different chains. Personally, the chain on this was too long for me but I swapped it for another chain and I much prefer it. I've had this for around 3 weeks, worn it everyday and it holds no damage so far. Usually with necklaces similar to this, the silver can show signs of wear but it looks just as good as new.

* indicates PR sample
What's your favourite necklace?

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