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Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Fresh face masks are one of my favourite things to do during my Sunday night 'prep for school' routine.
Recently, I've been getting more and more breakouts and I saw this when I popped in to Lush a few days back and it says it combats spots and soothes troubled skin. 
For 75g, it costs £5.95 and if you collect 5 pots, you can bring it back and get a free one.
Sounds great, right?

Because this face mask is fresh, it needs to be kept chilled and it has a shorter shelf life. I think the majority of fresh face masks last up to 3 weeks and in this pot I think you get the perfect amount that you'll need.
You can use this every 3 days and you could still have some left at the end, even though the pot looks tiny!

The smell of this product was not so pleasant, but still bearable. It smells like any other Tea Tree product and to be honest, it's worth putting up with the stench for the results! Thankfully, the smell doesn't linger after it's been washed off!
I left it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water and immediately my skin felt tighter and cleaner.

The face mask includes fresh garlic and tea tree oils as an antiseptic, fresh grapes to clean and cool the skin, honey to soften and moisturize and free range eggs to tighten the skin.
Because the face mask is made from natural ingredients, I guess you could really use it as often as you like!

I've said before that one of my favourite things about the Lush products are the little stickers that show which member of staff made the product and at what time. I think it's such a good way to show that they really value their staff. 

When it comes to combating my spots, it made them less red and less noticeable  but I didn't think that it reduced them in size!

Have you tried any Lush face masks? What is your favourite?


  1. I've always wanted to try one of Lush's face masks, and after reading this I think I will! N

  2. I need to try Lush face masks x

  3. Never tried a Fresh Lush Face mask, they always look so good though:) x

    1. You should! Some of them smell so good too :) X

  4. Iv never used lush before, but my skin keeps having breakouts as well :(
    let me know if this works well over time I'd love to try it!! xx

    1. You should try it, they're so soothing and relaxing! Sure will x

  5. Thats it I am going to Lush. You sold me! Love your blog! Want to follow eachother? Following you! Follow me back at

  6. Great review! I keep meaning to pick up a Lush face mask but every time I'm in there I get so overwhelmed by all of them! x

    1. You definitely should :) i love them! X


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