a day at the zoo

Tuesday, April 02, 2013
 In my next post, you'll find out that last weekend, I stayed in a nice hotel in the middle of Chester. 
One of my favourite places in the whole entire world is the zoo, so it'd be rude not to pop in and say hi to all of the animals whilst we were there!
I just collected a (more than) a few snaps of the animals and around Chester Zoo. I figured they'd take hours to edit, so the photos are fresh from the camera!

This is the view from when you first go in. There's a notice board with all of the animal talks on depending on what day you're visiting the zoo on, a huuuge gift shop, ladies and gents toilets and a small picnic area.

 This baby elephant is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I just wanted to just pick him up and put him in my pocket but I figured that it'd be pretty much impossible. 

These are crazy spider monkeys, which give you evil glares when you try and take photos....

Cute little baby monkey!

There was a dead, stuffed turtle in this little building which you could touch. A bit gross if you ask me. 

How cute are penguins? And this little girl who I just noticed was wearing a penguin hat. Aw 

Sleepy tiger. Their fur is so pretty.

Some of the animals in the Aquarium center, which took so long to queue up for! 

This big orangutan was my favourite. He popped his head up for a new minutes to say hi and have a quick look at the visitors, before jumping back down for his lunch. 

I see you, turtle!

Sleepy monkey.
When we actually got to the Chimpanzee Breeding Center, we were greeted with a chimp doing it's business into his hands and swallowing it back down. Someone give them a toilet roll!

Adorable little giraffes. We were able to get up close to them after hours of queuing again, but it was worth it!

Huuuuuuuuuuge snake, with a pretty pattern.

Tortoise eating lunch.

Poisonous Dart Frogs. So colourful!

Small croc.

Birds! Birds everywhere!

Delicate little butterflys feeding on old fruit. 

King of the Zoo.

Baby rhinos are so cute!

Maybe now you'll see why I love the zoo! All in all, we were there for around 7 hours, and not once did we get bored. There's so much to do, from eating (overpriced) food and children's play areas. There's also designated smoking areas around the zoo.

See you soon, Chester Zoo!


  1. Looks like a really great trip. I work in a pet shop aquarium and I recognise those fish :')! Now I want to go to the zoo x

    1. It was so good! You should! It's so fun :) x

  2. Jealous! I love animals. That giraffe baby is so cute

  3. I love Chester Zoo! I'll have to take another visit soon!


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