How Are You Doing? 03

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello and happy Sunday! It's time for one of my favourite posts of the week; How Are You Doing? I always mention how I feel like the blogging community is being silenced by the use of Twitter and other social media. Yes it's great how you can spark up a conversation with someone so quickly, but where are the days when we'd leave comments as long as essays on a blog post, and actually get a meaningful reply? Anyway, here are my questions for this week!

01.  How are you today?
02.  What've you done this weekend?
03.  Do you work or study? If so, what do you do?
04.  What's your favourite family tradition?
05.  And your biggest pet peeve?
06.  Have you ever met anyone famous?

And as always, here are my answers:

01.  I'm fantastic today. A bit tired but still great!
02.  This weekend I've just chilled after a busy week.
03.  I work! I'm a Junior PR Executive and work doing blog posts and creating content for companies. It's a pretty fun job - I love it!
04.  Every Autumn for the past few years, my family and I go for a wintery walk in a country park near my house. We wrap up in hats, scarves, wellies and big winter coats and have a wander with a hot chocolate. It's some of my best childhood memories!
05.  The biggest pet peeve I have is when people scrape their teeth on a fork. I literally have no idea why it annoys me so much, but the sound and the feeling it gives me is disgusting!
06.  Yep! When I was about 11, my best friend at the time and I queued almost 8 hours to get a handshake and a book signing for Peter Andre. Possibly the worst way to spend a Sunday looking back on it now but I loved it at the time!

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