sunday sum-up #4

Sunday, September 15, 2013
This week was my first full week back at school, and it's definitely been one of the busiest. However, I did manage to fit in a small shopping session amongst the masses of homework and classwork I should be doing. So, this week I have been...

Watching: Coronation Street! I'm becoming addicted to this programme and it has been my favourite show to settle down with at night. :)

Wearing: The Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink. This has such an amazing formula and is a great alternative to a dark black liner. Brown looks a little softer and smokier and is amazing for green eyes!

Reading: English Literature books. How boring.

Smelling: Paco Rabanne's perfume Lady Million. I bought this for my mum's birthday but it's too nice not to have the odd spray every so often. ;)

Thinking: About how much I can't wait to start college! I hate school and always have done, so going to college and doing a makeup course appeals to me so much more than sitting in a classroom learning what different compounds and elements are.

Buying: High-end makeup! I save all of my money up and at the end of the month, I go on a small shopping spree. This week it was with my dad, as we had a nice little father-daughter bonding trip and picked up two MAC lipsticks and the Bobbi Brown liner.

Wanting: To sleep! I spent the majority of this week being up at 6:30am and not being able to sleep at night. At most I had 5 hours sleep, so at school I look like the walking dead.

Feeling: Happy as it's only a few months until we leave school and me and my friends are planning to go indoor skydiving instead of prom! I love my makeup and dressing up, but I love being adventurous, so I'd rather do something fun rather than sit at a table with people from school anyday.

Loving: My family. It was my dad's birthday on Friday (the 13th) so it was nice to celebrate it as a family. Even though he was working in Edinburgh for most of the day!


  1. Oh that Lady Million perfume smells sooo good!
    It's really nice to invest on high end makeup sometimes :) xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  2. I know what you mean about your mums perfume ;) x

    check out my giveaway - win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

  3. Aw I know the feeling about school I found it so boring!! Also what is the deal with Corro?? Everyone at work is talking about it, I'm like jeez guys it's not real!!

    Can't wait to see what lipsticks you picked up!

    1. It's so annoying! And omg it has been so good this week haha :)
      I'll be doing reviews on those soon :) xx


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