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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
After being tagged by the lovely Celine from Vintage Teapot to do the 'My First Time' tag, I figured that it would be a good, light-hearted way to let you all know a bit more about me. I'm not a really interesting person, but I like to switch things up a bit and do a fun tag like this instead of the usual makeup post. No doubt there will be a few embarrassing stories and confessions, but these are My First Times...

Image from WeHeartIt - edited by myself

First bestfriend - My first bestfriend was actually a girl I met in primary school when I was 5/6 years old. I still know her now but after almost 11 years of knowing eachother, we've drifted a bit and both grown and changed as people.

First concert - My first concert was with a girl I met in secondary school and we went to one of the Take That concerts. I went with her mum, brother and brother's girlfriend and because I did not know any Take That songs, I was sat on the chair whilst everyone was singing and dancing. Not the best of 'first time concert experiences'!

First celebrity crush - This has to be Aston from JLS. I found my old diary from when I was around 11 and all it had in was photos and stickers of JLS. Quite embarrasing, but I even bought a blue JLS jumper and walked around town with it on. I have just wondered why I am sharing this with you all... I will now never live this down!

First word - I have no idea what my first word was but I'm guessing it was one of the generic ones like 'mama' or 'dad'.

First job - I have never had a job but had a week as work experience in a care home last year. Not the best of experiences but we'll share that story another day when you have hours to spare. Or maybe weeks...

First phone - I remember one of my friends having a Sony Ericsson when I was in Year 7 and I was so jealous, my dad bought me a Sony Ericsson k800i. I loved that phone, but it was soon replaced with my dad's old iPhone and I've been on team iPhone ever since!

First tweet - My first tweet was something like '#RIPHarry', but the thing is, I don't know/have known anyone called Harry...

First makeup item - My first makeup item was one of the old Collection 2000 pressed powders which I got when I was 11 or 12. I just put all over my face, meaning I looked whiter than a ghost and very unhealthy. Not really the best of looks I suppose!

For this tag, I am going to tag Alice, Ines and Hayley.


  1. Great post! your first tweet was very random! haha xx

  2. This is such a cute post! I'm sure my first tweet was probably a lot weirder! xx

    velvet ghost| fashion blog ♥

    1. I know haha :) It's weird that we all tweet strange things to begin with haha :) xx

  3. Thank you for tagging me! This is going to be fun :) x

  4. The tweet thing, haha :')
    Thank you so much for tagging me Elise! xx

    // Inês Paúl //


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