happy valentines day! ♡

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Happy Valentines Day lovelies! 
Valentines Day is always one of my favourite time of the year, even though I'm over here in the 'forever alone' club. This year I said Happy Valentines Day to my mum, my dad and my younger brother because they're my favourite people in the whole world. ♥ 

So, I'm doing a little tag today which I got from Milk Bubble Tea's blogpost. So, here we go.

1. Who would be your celebrity valentine? Oooh this is such a hard one. Either the young Leonardo Di Caprio (oh my god! beautiful) or David Beckham.
2. Favourite valentine's sweet treat?  Chocolate!
3. What's your favourite type of flowers?  I love roses, like the ones above which my dad bought my mum this year. 
4. Pink or red lipstick?  Red for Valentines Day, pink for any other day.
5. Any embarrassing valentine's moment?  Yes! When I was younger, a boy brought me a bouquet of flowers, a card and some chocolates to my door and ran around the corner to hide. He came out after and asked me to "go out with him" and I said no. I felt so bad afterwards! That's what my mum and dad get out every year in the embarrasing memories every year.
6. Ever received a weird valentine's gift?  Nope
7. Ever gave someone a weird valentine's day gift?  I've never EVER sent anyone a Valentine's present...
8. Favourite love story or film? Hmmmm Letters to Juliet is cute, and The Notebook. And (500) Days Of Summer, aka the best film in the world. 
9. Favourite love song/s? Jack Johnson - Better Together. Such a cute song.
10. A date at the cinema do you get salted or sweet popcorn? I hate popcorn.
11. Are you a romantic or a realist? I think I'm kinda both, if that makes sense. I always watch romantic films and cry and think 'I wish somebody did this for me' but in reality, if it did happen I'd probably just cringe my head off and go and be sick. So, it depends.
12. What does love mean to you? I've never been in love so I don't even know.
13. Favourite cheesy movie quotes?  So many! I can't even think of one to put here!

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