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Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Winter is always my favourite season for fashion. The cosy knits and the extra thick tights are somewhat appealing to the freezing weather. I'm much more of a winter snood kinda girl than shorts and t-shirts. I look forward to wearing cosy and wooly clothes, and of course, the bold makeup to go alongside. 

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The deep colours and knitted clothes that accompany the cold weather are one of the best things about the coldest season. Although I'm not too keen on the snow, I don't mind going shopping for a whole new Winter wardrobe. I especially love the last burgandy boots - the colour would look gorgeous against the snow we're anticipating! Ok, that's enough talking from me. The kitten's asleep on my arm meaning I'm left with a dead arm. Great.

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  1. You have such an amazing fashion sense :) xx

  2. All these images look amazing, the sweaters are so warm and cozy :)

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  3. love all the pictures ! Lovely blog my dear !! xx

  4. I loveeee winter wear, love big cosy jumpers and I love the look of the jumper in the 4th photo, looks so big and warm and cosy. Great post!

    Hannah x

    1. I love it! I haven't got a big cosy jumper yet - I'm trying to find the perfect one haha! xx

  5. absolutely adore your blog! so happy i came across it, followed you on gfc, bloglovin and instagram xx

  6. I'm in love with your sense of style! I spend the whole of the summer yearning for the deep tones and chunky layers of knits that come with the colder seasons!
    xo Amy |


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