whoopie blasters!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Bubble baths, candles and a nice book, accompanied by a lovely bath bombs are my savior. I usually always head straight to Lush when I'm in need of a luxurious bath bomb, but I was in a shop that sold Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs with their new range of the whoopie blasters which I just had to try!

 The thing that caught my eye about this bath bomb first was the look of it. Have you ever seen a bath bomb in the shape of a mixed doughnut/burger? I surely haven't! It also smells so good too. You should know by now that I'm terrible at describing scents but it is just sweet and soft and I would say very feminine.

There were also these little coloured balls which looked like mini hundreds of thousands on the top. A few fell off into my hand so I threw it over and into the bath where I found it fizzed and left a line of the colouring down and on the bath! I was quite hesitant to throw in anymore just in case it stained the bath, so I tested it in a pool of warm water in the sink and it washed away fine!

Overall, I would 100% reccommend this bath bomb and Bomb Cosmetics overall! Yes, I know, I'm comparing it to Lush again, but it's such an amazing (and cheaper) alternative, especially when this only costs £3! It's amazing!

Elise ♥


  1. Oo, that looks really good! I love the colours the little beads make in the water. I might have to try and track one of these down considering it is cheaper than a lot of Lush bath bombs.

    Millie :)


    1. I loved it! It was lovely. You definitely should!


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